5 Tips For Keeping Your Newcastle Storage Unit Clean And Ordered

For renters, maintaining your Newcastle storage facility is an afterthought. For most people, it is easier to dump all your stuff into that small, enclosed space and leave it for another time. While this works in the short term, eventually you’ll reach a time where your unit needs a good cleaning. If you do this often (like once every 1-2 years), then each clean will become more comfortable and more manageable. More importantly, there are several things you can be doing when dropping off new stuff at your Newcastle storage container. These tips will go a long way to minimising your stress and ensuring that you get the most out of your extra space.


#1 Clean it before packing items

Before you start loading up your Newcastle storage facilities, we recommend giving the space a quick clean. This will ensure that any lingering stains or scents left behind from the previous owner can be dealt with promptly. If you’re packing old clothes, linen, curtains or dinner cloths into your unit, then pungent odours can leech into these items and hang around for a while (even if you take them out later).


#2 Label everything

If you’re are packing things into boxes, you must label them; otherwise, you’ll struggle to locate specific items when you return to your Newcastle storage unit. We recommend developing a straightforward cataloguing system using Word, Excel or some other program. Fill each box as per a broad category, like “books”, “DVDs”, “family photographs”, etc. However, using the table you create in Excel or Word, make sure you give each box a more specific description – like categorising your books as “science fiction/fantasy” or “horror DVDs”. Each box should have its own unique code/name – use the alphabet if you won’t have more than 26 boxes. Make sure each box is labeled on all four sides, so you can see the code wherever it is placed in the unit.


#3 Devise a clear path through the unit

This is probably the most crucial step. Having clear, unobstructed access to all your boxes, shelves, and other items will make your job a whole lot easier. It also means it’s easier to pick up the stuff you might need more often without having to completely restructure your Newcastle storage unit every time you return to it. We recommend stacking boxes against the walls of the container and place larger items in the centre of the space. These larger items could be things like old furniture, pool tables, ping pong tables or anything else of that description.


#4 Preserving old clothes

Preserving old clothes in a Newcastle storage unit can be a little risky since you won’t precisely be checking on the items that often. You must keep bugs, like silverfish, out as much as possible, since they will eat through sweaters, shirts and just about anything they can find. If you have a chest of drawers in your unit, make sure the drawer/box is well contained. You want the space to be dry, cool and dark – any moisture or unnecessary heat will attract these pesky bugs. We also suggest refolding the items every few years, since this will minimise the occurrence of permanent creases.


#5 Necessary items at the front, less necessary at the back

To make your life easier, make sure you store items that you won’t need as often near the back of your Newcastle storage unit. The things you might need more often (like photographs, clothes or gardening tools) should be closer to the entrance of the unit. Also, if you’re stacking boxes, then heavier boxes need to be placed at the bottom, and lighter boxes should be at the top. Otherwise, you’ll damage the items lower down in the stack.