Reasons Why Your Company Should Host Team Building Events

Team building events is the best way to establish connection between your co-workers, allowing the work to be smooth sailing. This is especially important during this time of COVID-19, with more and more offices making the switch to working from home. With the lockdown, it can be hard to communicate and have a good rapport with your colleagues. In this case it is highly important to have a way to make sure the staff still have socialisation and fun. In this article, we will get into the many reasons why businesses should host team building events.

Why Team Building Events Are Perfect For Your Company

Establish Connection

It’s not what you do, it’s who you work with. When it comes to your job, the environment is incredibly important. If you don’t like who you are spending your day-to-day life with, it’s going to make doing the job a lot harder. That’s why team building events are the perfect way to make sure everyone is getting along and or on the same page. The activities will allow you to bond, get to know one another, and be able to communicate easily. This will allow people to know how to respond to each other in a work context, knowing how to best operate with each other. There will be less bickering and more working with the help of team building events.

Showcase Strengths And Improve Weaknesses

Team building events not only bring people together, it helps the staff understand what everyone’s strengths are and what they could improve on. This can be show in a trivia game or in a sport, showing skills of confidence, particular theory areas, problem solving and many more. This can be applied to the workplace, seeing what tasks would be best for one employee or how we can help that employee work better. You can all work as an office to make sure everyone is at their A-game when they are on the job. Team building events allow workers to work on their role, and how they can better fit in the office.

Enhances Good Morale In The Workplace

When people are connecting, this improves morale. Good morale is highly essential in the workplace, allowing staff to connect and feel at ease in their job. When people feel recognised this makes them happy and motivates them to do their best in the work and this can happen as a result of team building events. This boosts productivity, making sure work can be done at a much more high quality and faster pace then at a workplace that doesn’t prioritise their employees. This can establish relationships and motivate the staff to work together and do their best at their job.

Enjoy And Have A Fun Time

Last point on the list when it comes to the benefits of team building events is enjoyment. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a popular phrase for a reason. It is important that your staff not only are diligent but are enjoying it while they are doing the work. A good company needs a good company staff bonding and laughing with one another. Team building events allows employees to have fun giving them a good break from all the hard work they have done. By making them feel a sense of achievement and a part of the company, your employees will be able to work to the best of their ability.

Team building events will allow your companies to feel satisfied at work, increase work productivity and overall, improve as a business.

Everything You Need To Know About Time Billing Software

Time billing is the total time one spends handling work-related or business projects whereby the clients are charged depending on the stipulated rate per hour. Agencies, companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike often use the billable time to charge for the services rendered to their clients. However, charging using billable hours, workers are required to monitor the amount of time spent on the client’s projects daily.

Understanding Billable Hours

Oftentimes, billable time is considered as the time taken to work on tasks and projects that relate directly to your client’s needs. Various organizations have varied client-related responsibilities, hence varying billable time. However, there are work obligations for startups and freelancers to consider billable. These include project planning, meeting attendance, conducting research, creating project timelines, among others.

Applying the best time billing software comes in handy in this case because it helps businesses monitor the precise time spent on projects. The data collected from the software is utilized as the basis for billing the client. Companies that don’t use this tool often undervalue their work which is a disadvantage. If you are not yet acquainted with time billing software, this article entails more information about it.

Why is it needed?

Institutions offering legal services, creative agencies, and freelancers often apply billable hours as a standard charging process. Some companies track the billable time using timesheets, which is okay. However, this procedure is tiring and time-consuming since one has to collect everyone’s timesheets to calculate the total time which takes a lot of time. When it comes to this, time billing software is the best solution here.

Other companies using Excel spreadsheets to manage their billable hours are likely to make numerous mistakes. These mistakes lead to inaccurate invoices sent to the clients and usually portray a lack of professionalism. In this instance, time billing software is essential as it ensures you quickly and precisely bills your client while maintaining great proficiency.

Tracking and Managing Time

While using other methods to bill clients delivers results, the process is time-consuming and often causes plenty of inaccurate results. With time billing software, you can save on time spent on manual data entry. Additionally, all your team’s data can be found and billed in a single central system. As a result, turning the data into invoices happens effortlessly with a few clicks.

To ensure you track your time more efficiently, then you need to incorporate time billing software. Not only does this tool provide efficient results, but also using it is fast and easy.

How to Track your Time Better

To get better results, you need to identify the types of tasks termed billable hours. Doing this makes it easy to distinguish billable time from the actual time. You can also set a varying hourly price for different tasks, users, or projects. Doing this enables the automatic compilation of accurate invoices using time billing software. You can use the following steps to track your time effectively.

  • Put up projects and record your time against each project
  • Use tasks to record time after every activity
  • Form a company profile for every project
  • If you want automated data flow, avoid using spreadsheets and use time billing tool instead

Time billing software possesses a plethora of benefits. For starters, it delivers accurate and comprehensive time tracking. What’s more, you can quickly generate invoices given the pre-designed PDF templates. Additionally, it generates and sends automated email reminders for unsettled bills to clients. The best thing about the tool is that you can provide a detailed report on your team’s work and access your records anywhere and anytime. With all these benefits, the time billing tool is the ideal solution for making your work manageable.


How IT Support In Singapore Can Support Your Business

One of the critical decisions that can have a significant effect on a business’s operations is outsourcing its IT needs. It is very critical to choose a reliable IT support Singapore that can handle all the needs of your business. With this, you would have one less thing to worry about and you can focus on the smooth running and functioning of your organisation.

Considerations for choosing IT support in Singapore

Of course, it might be very tempting to choose an IT support Singapore provider that saves the most money. However, many other things should be top considerations when choosing an IT support other than the money. You must consider the compatibility, quality, and security of the services that you would get with the provider of your choice.

For many organisations, Singapore remains the top destination for IT support. This is mostly because of the available benefits that a business enjoys by pitching its IT tent in the country. Additionally, the country offers some of the best IT outsourcing firms that you can find in the world.

Therefore, instead of looking for locations that will save you the most money, you should look at the long-term benefits of choosing IT to support Singapore for a seamless IT system.

Top Reasons to Choose IT Support Singapore

For a seamless business operation, the IT system support of an organization must be top-notch. It removes a lot of manual business operations and makes it simple to operate a business from any part of the world.

This means that you can have functioning business operations with an exceptional IT support system irrespective of where your team members are. So, why should you choose IT to support Singapore for your IT needs?

Opportunities for growth

Singapore offers numerous business growth opportunities for both foreign and local entrepreneurs. Many businesses have set up their operations in the country and with the plethora of businesses competing for the attention of the consumers, choosing an IT support Singapore is a strong requirement to develop a winning edge and compete favorably among other businesses.

Promotes 24/7 service

Customer service representative of an IT support Singapore business

Technology has made the world a global village where customers of a business are scattered across the globe. Having proactive technology ensures that your business is always available to your target clients irrespective of their time zone. When you adopt an IT support Singapore, you are assured that your business is accessible to potential customers 24/7 without any downtime. This distinguishes you from the business clutter and places you as the first choice in your industry.

How it helps your business

IT solution Singapore offers exceptional IT support services to businesses across the world. Choosing such a service ensures that your business is accessible to your target audience anywhere and anytime both on desktop and mobile. This means that your business is always available to your customers and potential customers.

With a reliable IT specialist company, you can have peace of mind and confidence that all IT glitches and troubleshoot issues will be handled promptly and responsively. Therefore, you would not have to worry about any downtime for your online business. Additionally, an IT specialist can assist in deploying and integrating new technologies into your IT system.

With this, you would not have to worry about investing in a new system. The best part is that you would have round-the-clock support from IT support Singapore. This helps your business to cope with the ever-changing world of business and any possible challenges that you may encounter.

Choosing reliable IT support Singapore will make a significant impact on your business operations. When you commit the backend operations of your business into the hands of professionals, it takes a lot off your hands. Then, you can dedicate your time and energy to the smooth running of your business.

The Benefits Of Construction ERP Software

Need a less complicated system for your building business? There are various advantages to construction ERP software ranging from better communication, organization, decision making, and accessibility. To ease the distribution of business data and improve the productivity of a company, this system will make it easier to do the work justice. Here is a guide on the benefits of using this system for your building company.

Here are the five benefits of construction ERP software

1) Exchange of information is distributed easily

With the vast number of clients, construction companies have this can make distributing information across all employees to be tedious. Having the data on an excessive amount of files on PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets can make the exchange complex. With construction ERP software, the data can all be compiled in one place making it easier to exchange information between your company and the client. You can limit the data that will be viewed by the clients and employees to ensure privacy remains additionally following proper security measures.

2) Use data for better business decisions

Construction ERP software enhances the ability to make decisions as the data is easily compiled in one system. For instance, a budget report needs to be sent before creating a purchase order to obtain raw materials. This is then overlooked by both the engineering and accounting departments before it can be granted. With construction ERP software, this can reduce the clutter of data and improves accuracy making it easier to use. You can clearly see the data compared by year gaining more in-depth information to benefit your building company.

3) Planning is improved

Planning is essential for a building company to keep on top of its projects. If things don’t go according to plan, this can lead to a reduction in clientele and labour costs. With construction ERP software, the system will ensure everything runs smoothly as planning is required for buying raw materials, use of efficient labour, architecture, and scheduling. Construction ERP software can monitor your budget ensuring it effectively is organized and prevent downtime with clients during the process. You can conveniently manage and overview the project status of your clients, assign work to staff, and stay in the loop with staff timesheets.

4) Better communication between departments

Good communication is significant to the achievement of the projects within the construction industry between contractors, HR, accounting, etc. Inability to communicate can lead to a decline in productivity and inability to meet project timelines. With construction ERP systems, they include a chat function with text and video allowing employees from different departments to communicate about current projects. Everyone will be on the same page and get the information as it updates.

5) Easy to access and available for use anywhere and any time

With a construction ERP system, you can access the data 24/7 from the comfort of your mobile phone. The system has an SMS alert feature, keeping you up to speed with updates and be able to shoot through messages to a handful of people easily. You can easily share updates with management on projects such as taking photos of the site and placing that on the system. Your employees can access all the documents and data for a project on a laptop or phone regardless of where they are located. This helps with productivity allowing staff to work flexible hours and be able to do the essential tasks at home without being in the office over time.

To better your business for building construction ERP software will help you get there. They are easily accessible, enhance communication, improve organisation, and help your company make well-informed decisions. Construction ERP software is the new frontier in making your building business build from the ground up.

What Is Holding You Back? How A Problem Leads To Your Answer


Do you recognize this? You want a different job and you don’t get it clear what you want. You examine your qualities,you have your experience together, so you should be able to determine direction, right? But somewhere it seems to be stagnating…


Then investigate whether there is an underlying obstacle that is troubling you. Because the fact is that when you experience something as a problem, you act faster. During my coaching I usually focus on positive elements and investigate what is possible . But sometimes it makes sense to pay attention to a problem. I’ll explain why.


So: if you want a (different) job, ask yourself which obstacle you actually experience. That can make it clear where action is needed. And do you know what the fun is (and what you can do something with)? You almost always want to solve your problem on the wrong level! Yes really! With the first problem you experience, you immediately jump into action for a solution. But often there is a problem behind a problem. An obstacle that is actually much bigger, which you would rather not see, but which is much more bothering you, on a deeper level. When you tackle your problem at the right level, you will achieve much more.


An example. What I hear a lot is: I want a job, but I don’t know what I’m good at . The tendency is to immediately investigate what your qualities are. But it is more interesting to know why you don’t know this. Then ask yourself the following question: what prevents me from naming what I am good at?  The answer is, for example: I don’t really know who I am .


Then ask the obstructing question again: what prevents me from knowing who I am ? The answer is, for example: I actually don’t think I’m that special . Then you could ask even further: what prevents me from saying that I am special ? Answer: Others are worth more than I am .


And so you get closer to the real problem. Because you can still visualize what your qualities are, if you do not dare to stand for yourself, you will always have trouble communicating your qualities in your quest. It may just be that your real problem is preventing you from taking steps. Working from the real problem therefore yields a lot: you will see that the questions on the levels above are solved much faster!


So if you experience a problem, stop for a moment and see what’s behind it. Ask yourself questions. You often end up with other questions and problems that actually need attention. And that is allowed. Because it leads you to real answers that you are actually looking for.

How To Hire Talent When You Don’t Have The Money To Pay Them: Compensation Methods

For every type of business, but even more so in the case of a startup, welcoming the right person into your team at the right time can make a real difference. The problem is that, in general, the right person entails a cost, which often an ongoing activity may not be able to afford. These are strategic choices, and aiming for savings when it comes to human resources is almost always the wrong choice.

So how is it possible not to let the professional gold run away without going bankrupt immediately to hire him?

We must be flexible and creative, and put in place some strategies that allow the company to make itself attractive in the eyes of the candidate, so that, even in the face of a limited budget – or in any case underestimated compared to the usual “quotations” for his figure – you can get the classic win-win that can satisfy both parties.

These are not expense-free solutions, of course. But following this list of tips, you will be able to maximize every single penny invested and, if things go wrong, minimize the risks if the employment relationship is not successful.

Pay based on results and offer incentives

If you want to hire a new resource that is currently working for someone else, and that you know it is paid for with a salary that you would have difficulty offering, you can try to compensate your proposal with some other type of incentive, such as commissions or prizes. of production.

In this way, you will pay the added value to your company, and it is not excluded that, in the end, this will be much more profitable than an excellent basic salary. Furthermore, it will allow you to optimize cash flow, as you will pay your collaborator based on actual revenues already collected by the company.

Incentives are a solution that you can also use to stimulate and encourage the collaborators and employees already present in your team, offering production rewards, for example, to the marketing manager to increase the number of potential qualified customers, or to your project manager because complete the order within the optimal time frame.

The important thing is that these incentives are linked to transparent metrics. Everyone can monitor them; otherwise, you can run the risk of a loss of trust in you, which could even lead you to lose valuable collaborators.

The incentives are generally very attractive for a potential new employee, especially if they involve scalability and therefore understand that they could increase over time.

They can sometimes serve as a filter in choosing the right candidate, causing him to reject the offer because he is not confident enough and not convinced that he can achieve the required results.

Give small but valuable benefits

Parking, equipment, subscription to public transport, gym card, snacks, meals are all costs that during the year, an employee must pay by paying out of his pocket.

But there may be forms of company agreements – to which a single employee would not have access – which allows obtaining even very significant discounts and discounts. Being able to offer such benefits included in the hiring can become a very strong lever, even in the face of reduced pay.

The classic example – which is practically considered a minimum union – are meal vouchers.

As regards mobility, for example, most public transport companies offer opportunities in the field of Mobility Management, with reduced-price passes or unified transport solutions (e.g., metro + bus). Another extremely convenient and attractive solution, especially in large cities, is the Car Sharing or Car Pooling services, which allow sharing a single private vehicle to multiple employees who travel the same route to and from work.

Furthermore, the so-called fringe benefits are increasingly used, accessory benefits that fall within a particular type of remuneration provided in article 2099 paragraph 3 of the civil code, which establishes that a collaborator can also be rewarded with alternative solutions to income.

Fringe benefits are considered goods and services dedicated to the employee, such as:

  • health care;
  • insurance policies;
  • subsidized loans;
  • purchases of corporate shares (the so-called stock options);
  • housing that is made available to the employee and family.

Moreover, solutions of this type almost pay for themselves, as they are generally all downloadable in tax terms as business expenses.