How To Get Into Helicopter Training

When faced with emergencies like a fire, you would wish for a fast and reliable solution. Most of the time, fire trucks may take longer than they should to come and help put out the fire. However, with a helicopter, the whole process seems easy and manageable. This is because a helicopter moves fast and accesses hard-to-reach places while still in the air. That is why helicopters are preferred for aerial firefighting. There are other ways that we can use helicopters to help attend to matters fast.

For a helicopter to be helpful, it needs to have trained personnel that can easily access and fly it without endangering themselves or others. That is where helicopter training comes in.

Read on to find out how to go about helicopter training.

What does helicopter training entail?

Knowing how to fly a helicopter is essential as it provides fast and reliable responses to either emergency or urgent situations. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to fly one, there are certain procedures you need to undergo. You need focused and safety-oriented training to fly a helicopter. Taking up one requires constant attention to both the machine and the operating surroundings.

As a helicopter pilot, you are required to work in three dimensions while constantly using both arms and legs to ensure the helicopter is in the right state. Here, synchronization, timing, and controller touch are used concurrently during the flying period. So if it is your first time, you will need to apply the things mentioned above. With adequate helicopter training, you can become an experienced pilot in no time.

Finding a flight school

You will need to find a school that offers helicopter training courses first. There are many training facilities around. Therefore, finding one is just as easy.

Training period

Young man taking helicopter training

Helicopter training entails a lot of learning, attention, and practice. What’s more, the period is determined by weather conditions in the training areas. For you to get a certification, there are aviation regulations (set by different countries) that you are required to meet as a helicopter pilot. Like in the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration states that one should have 40 hours of flight instructions 20 of which are accompanied by an instructor, and 10 hours of flying alone. This means that a large number of learners require between 50 to 60 hours. To get to this point of experience, you will need between six months to one year.

What you train for

During helicopter training, you will learn simple airmanship, how to traverse, and emergency measures. While training for emergencies, you will learn how to avoid them as well as getting out of them. What’s more, you get to learn about the guidelines governing flying.

The cost

Signing up for helicopter training is not cheap. For one, you rent a helicopter and also pay the instructor for their time. The faster you learn, the better. More commercial or higher certificates are required if you want to be a professional helicopter pilot. This requires more training and of course, added cost. So, the price for the whole training varies from school to school. Additionally, the cost will be determined by the period taken to learn how to fly a helicopter.

Flying a helicopter is not as easy as 1, 2, 3… It requires some getting used to. Training, practicing the maneuvers, and lots of experience make the whole procedure manageable. During helicopter training, you are required to be keen because even the slightest movements are detected by helicopters. Once you have fully undergone all the processes during the training, nothing can come in the way of your helicopter piloting.