Why You Might Need Mediation In Sydney

When there’s a conflict, especially in family matters, it can be difficult to know who to go to try and get it resolved. Oftentimes people will hope that burying their heads in the sands and trying to ignore the problem will resolve it, or they hope that by facing it head on alone they’ll get their way, but this often leads to more problems down the road. Third-party mediation in Sydney can help you to resolve your conflicts, without escalating them or ignoring them.

Here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider trying out mediation in Sydney.


It’s quicker and less costly then ending up in court

Mediation in Sydney is a much more efficient, and much less expensive alternative to going to court to get a conflict resolved. It’s faster because there is no need to wait for a court date before proceeding to mediation in Sydney, which means less paperwork and a faster resolution. Waiting times for court appearances can be lengthy, ranging from a few days to many months or even years and sometimes multiple appearances are required which means it can take years to get a resolution to an issue in court. Mediation in Sydney on the other hand usually only takes a matter of weeks and sometimes matters can be resolved in a single session. Mediation in Sydney is often far more cost effective as well. Court costs can get astronomically high, especially when factoring in the cost of taking time of work, childcare and travel. Working with a mediator is often substantially less expensive, although costs can rise if lawyers are involved.


You get more control over the outcome

When you go to court, the outcome of your case is up to the judge which means no one really knows what it will be before you go to court and you’ll have to comply with the judgement imposed on you. Even if you’re expecting to see a good outcome in court, the reality is you don’t really know what’s going to happen and many people are overly optimistic about court outcomes – so you might not get what you bargained for. Mediation in Sydney on the other hand offers you much more control – the aim of it is to help you try and reach an agreement which means there can be more creative and ultimately beneficial outcomes that can e reached.


It’s less structured and formal

Mediators come to solutions through conversations, which is far less formal and structured than the way a courtroom is conducted. Courts have a number of formal procedures that can make them intimidating, stressful and confusing. Mediation in Sydney for many people is far less daunting and makes it much easier for people to advocate for themselves.


It’s completely confidential

Unlike court which is conducted in the public arena and not kept private, working with a mediator is completely confidential. Everything you say during your sessions will be kept private and any information mentioned during the sessions cannot be used against you later as evidence. For people wanting to keep certain information private, working with a mediator can be a great option.


It’s better for relationships

Courtrooms can naturally be quite adversarial spaces and can put a lot of strain on relationships. If you’re for instance going through a separation, working with a mediator can be a much easier way to come to agreements about child care arrangements, assets or financial agreements in a way that will put less strain on partners, children or other bystanders such as family members or friends.


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