Driving With Dementia

Driving with dementia is not something that many of us think about until it is happening to us or someone we love. The use of a car is something that many of us simply take for granted, but it’s a very important part of daily life for many people. It gives people independence and freedom but at some point, we will all leave it behind. Unfortunately for some, health conditions can mean that we stop using vehicles much sooner than normally anticipated. Driving with dementia can be dangerous o both you and those around you. It’s a complicated task that involves the use of a number of different manual skills and often requires quick reactions. People driving with dementia are often impaired because the disease can cause memory issues, affect concentration, and can cause issues with vision and judgment, which can stop them from being able to drive in a safe way.

A diagnosis with the health condition does not necessarily mean you’ll need to give up your car right away, but it does mean you’ll need to stop at some point. Driving with dementia is possible in the early stages of the condition because it involves a gradual decline in your health and cognitive abilities. Over time your ability to drive will decline and you’ll need to consider giving it up.

For many people, the process of giving up driving with dementia can be very difficult and confronting. To help maintain your quality of life it’s very important to think about how you can make the transition and how carers or family can contribute to helping you to remain mobile and connected. Here’s a few things you should know about driving with dementia:



By law, you are required to let medical authorities know when you have a condition that can impact on your ability to drive safely. If you have a health condition that prevents you from operating a vehicle in a safe way then you must notify your licensing authority. They will be able to assess whether or not you’re medically fit enough to drive and will decide whether or not you can keep your license. Those who are driving with dementia may be issued with a conditional license if they are still capable of operating a vehicle. These remain valid for no more than a year, after which time medical fitness will need to be reassessed. It also places some restrictions on the holder of the license, such as how far they can drive, what times they can drive and what speed they’re allowed to go.

There can be serious consequences for failing to notify the licensing authority when you have been diagnosed with a condition that impacts your safe operation of a vehicle. If you get into a crash you could be sued and you may not be covered by insurance.


Signs your condition is impacting your ability to drive

There are a number of signs that can indicate that you are no longer able to drive safely, these are some of the warning signs:

  • Your vision is impacted – if you’re having trouble seeing things then it may be time to stop operating a vehicle
  • Your hearing is impacted – can you hear traffic noises and cars? If you can’t it may be time to give up driving
  • Reaction times – are you able to react quickly enough to things on the road?
  • Coordination – are you coordinated enough to drive correctly? Do you get your pedals confused or struggle with multi-tasking?
  • Alertness – are you alert enough to know what is happening around you at all times?


How Residents Can Select The Best Sydney Timber Flooring Specialists

Trying to find Sydney timber flooring specialists that money can buy is not a simple exercise for homeowners who have never used these operators before.

Whether it is for the living room environment, for an office setting or across bedrooms or outdoor patios, hiring the best Sydney timber flooring will definitely make a difference since they deliver a job well done and not a nightmare of a development that costs plenty of time and money.

This is where residents across the CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Northern Beaches and South-West are advised to be patient with their selection process, identifying a sole contractor or professional team that has what is takes to execute the task.


Clarifying Timber Floor Demands

It is beneficial to know what residents want from their project first before approaching Sydney timber flooring specialists in earnest. From the sleek modern designs to the organic and authentic materials that are ideal for classical home styles, constituents should reflect on the nature of the space and the demands that will be placed on the timber. If they are aware about the maintenance demands on these surfaces and what will suit their lifestyle habits, that will help to provide clarity on the project.

Assessing Specialists on Community Record

Without any real experience about dealing with Sydney timber flooring specialists before, it is a worthwhile exercise taking stock of the brands that rank well above their peers. Some community members will like to discuss this subject with friends, family members, work colleagues and neighbours to see if there are any direct referrals worthy of consideration. Short of that approach, there is a lot to gain from tracking these suppliers online. Check for the ratings out of 5 stars and the comments to see what others say about their performance.


Industry Certified Operators Only

If there is any doubt or hesitation about Sydney timber flooring specialists and how they go about their work, it will be put to rest when they see that the operator is listed and certified with local associations and official industry bodies. Residents will have seen or heard about the horror stories where dodgy contractors take their money and run, leaving a trail of despair for honest homeowners who just wanted a good job done. Identify those professionals who meet this standard before taking the next step forward.

Suitable Material Selections

Sydney timber flooring specialists are multifaceted operators who will introduce a range of materials to the project. This is why it is important to hire a professional who uses the right format that will compliment the rest of the household, both for aesthetic and practical purposes. Take stock of all the designs that can be implemented for a domestic space:

* Oak

* Walnut

* Mahogany

* Cedar

* Birch

* Pine

* Tulipwood

* Cherry

* Bamboo

* Spruce

* Lime

Ideally Staggered Financial Package

The best approach that citizens can make when engaging Sydney timber flooring specialists is ensuring they are not having to pay full price in one lump sum. Although that can be the policy for cheaper installation experts, it is wise to cover parts of the deposit ahead of time, some during the installation process and a percentage upon the conclusion of the project. Staggering this agreement will ensure that the company is accountable while giving them the motivation to complete the design on time.

Single Point of Contact

It is a big advantage for local clients dealing with timber floor installers in Sydney to work with one trusted provider and one single point of contact over the span of the project. The more voices and opinions that interject into the matter, the more complicated the process can become for the client. Make contact with Sydney timber flooring specialists to see just how big their business is and how effective their communication appears to be.