5 Reasons Why Bamboo Decking Is Awesome

When most people think about decking, they think of regular woods, such as pine and oak, rather than thinking about bamboo decking. For many years, many different types of wood have been used in decks, and bamboo hasn’t really been much of a thought as a material for decking, as bamboo can be thought of as a weaker kind of wood, or an expensive kind of wood. It turns out, that the opposite is true and bamboo is really strong wood and can be produced quite cheaply. Here are five reasons why bamboo should be used on your next decking project.

Similar Pricing to Other Woods

The cost of bamboo, since it is relatively easy and fast to grow, is actually very similar to more traditional styles of wood. The price of bamboo is similar to traditional wood, but if you keep in mind that you are wasting less wood when you are building your deck, the price of bamboo decking can actually be significantly smaller than traditional decking.

Bamboo is Relatively Low Maintenance

Like most kinds of wood, you will need to maintain the wood after you have used it to build a deck, otherwise the wood will fade and become brittle. Even though it requires some maintenance, the maintenance is similar to the maintenance you will find in other kinds of decks and you shouldn’t have to worry that much about it during the lifespan of the deck. Treatment with some oils every couple of months or even years will be enough to suffice.

Consistent Lengths

When you purchase bamboo, it comes in about 2 meter long pieces, rather than a variety of lengths that you will find in hardwood or composite wood types. This can lead to significantly less waste when you are building the deck and you will produce significantly less waste if you decide to go with a bamboo deck.

Bamboo is Very Renewable

If you think about how long it takes to grow a tree to harvest for a building project, you are looking at years of waiting for the tree to grow to be tall enough to be able to harvest the wood. However, bamboo grows at an incredibly fast rate after it breaks through the ground and it can take just a couple of months for the wood to be able to be ready to harvest. It takes roughly five years for the bamboo to reach full maturity, but that is still much faster than the thirty years for other types of wood to grow.

Fast Installation

Since bamboo, especially solid and composite bamboo, is incredibly strong, you won’t have to worry as much about when you go to match joints when you are building the deck. Because the bamboo is so strong, you can just lay it on top of the boards that you are using as a foundation, whereas with other woods you would have to cut grooves and cut the ends so that you can fit all of the pieces of wood together. Because you don’t have to do as much cutting, you end up with less waste and don’t have to spend as much time cutting the wood.

As you can see, bamboo decking is clearly a superior choice when it comes to outdoor decking. There are environments where bamboo decking isn’t as strong and can wear down easier, but if you live in a climate that allows for bamboo decking, then choosing bamboo will be the best choice that you can make for building a deck in your backyard.

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